Week 8 Overview

Week 8: Fulfilling the Promise of the Open Door the Way Students Need It Fulfilled; Understanding the Intersection of Diverse Characteristics

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Enhance and demonstrate the ability to create an inclusive environment where multiple perspectives are considered for the cooperative purpose of making progress towards common goals.
  • Enhance and demonstrate the ability to critically evaluate a given community college context in light of student body characteristics and apply appropriate student success strategies.

Learning Activities

Students will:

  • Review course assignments and expectations
  • Read/review and incorporate assigned materials
  • Analyze, select, and apply appropriate strategies at a given community college to increase student access, equity and success based on the existing student demographics and performance gaps
  • Explore how multiple characteristics of diversity overlap and influence student performance metrics
  • Participate in Zoom Session on Thursday, October 13th.

Required Reading and Viewing

General Readings

Cuyjet, M.J., Howard-Hamilton, M.F. & Cooper, D.L. (2011). Multiculturalism on campus: Theory, models, and practices for understanding diversity and creating inclusion. Sterling, VA: Stylus. Chapter 17.

Implementing Student Success Strategies

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Other Diverse Characteristics

DeBaun, B. (2019). Rural student success facts and figures. Retrieved from https://collegeaccess.org/news/456346/Rural-Student-Success-Resources-Facts-and-Figures.htm (Links to an external site.)

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