EDACE 853 Making Good on the Promise of the Open Door: Access, Equity, & Success
EDACE 854 Field Study Access, Equity, and Success


Welcome to EDACE 853 Making Good on the Promise of the Open Door: Access, Equity, & Success and its paired course, EDACE 854 Field Study Access, Equity, and Success. I’m excited to spend the next few weeks with you as we explore what it really means to fulfill the promise of the community college and the intersections between access, equity, and success. This is an opportunity to examine the nationally recognized strategies community colleges are employing—and what they hope to achieve—in serving their students and communities.

Paired-Course Overview:

EDACE 853 Making Good on the Promise of the Open Door: Access, Equity, & Success and EDACE 854 Field Study Access, Equity, and Success are two integrated leadership courses that are designed to provide the student with the knowledge required to gain awareness of the needs and experiences of the student’s community college are serving now and will serve in the future and to understand how and why to employ national student success strategies in support of these students. The courses are designed to build upon leadership competencies (American Association of Community Colleges (2018) and the knowledge, concepts, theories, and skills gained from previous coursework and personal leadership experiences.

American Association of Community Colleges (2018). Competencies for community college leaders (Third Edition)Washington, DC: Author.


The two courses you are required to take concurrently are:

EDACE 853 Making Good on the Promise of the Open Door: Access, Equity, and Success 2 CREDIT HOURS

This course will explore the assets, experiences, and institutional challenges of community college students based upon personal characteristics such as race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexuality, disability, military status, and religion; and the national “best-practice” strategies currently being used to increase enrollment, persistence, and program completion for these diverse student groups. Students will assess the extent to which community colleges are “student-ready” based upon the assets and experiences of different student groups and the extent to which student success strategies effectively serve these same students.

EDACE 854 Field Study Access, Equity, and Success 1 CREDIT HOUR

This online course will provide an opportunity for students to reflect on challenges in changing community college cultures and structures from a traditional student-deficit model to a student-asset model accounting for the increasing diversity among community college students. Students will review and analyze information for team projects to best meet the challenges described.

Course Work: 

The two courses total 45 instructional hours. Course I: EDACE 853 Making Good on the Promise of the Open Door: Access, Equity, and Success is a 2-credit hour course that meets for 25 hours online which includes Zoom sessions and Canvasdiscussion boards, and reflections. Course II: EDACE 854 Field Study Access, Equity, and Success is 1credit hour course that meets online for 20 hours.  

Greg Peterson, Ed.D.

Greg Peterson, Ed.D.

As a first-generation community college student, Dr. Greg Peterson has a passion and commitment to the community college and its mission of access and success for all students. He has served as the President of Chandler-Gilbert Community College–located in Chandler, AZ, and one of the Maricopa Community Colleges–since 2018. CGCC serves 19,000 students annually and recently became a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), and Dr. Peterson serves as a Board Member for HACU.

Prior to coming to CGCC, Greg served as the Vice President of Student Services and/or Instruction at three Minority Serving Institutions (MSI) in California. He oversaw all instructional programs for over 16,000 students at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California and worked at Long Beach City College (LBCC), where he was responsible for Student Services at two comprehensive campuses serving 30,000 students annually. At LBCC, Greg also co-led the College’s student success agenda and served as the co-chair of the Long Beach College Promise, oversaw the implementation of the nationally recognized Promise Pathways multiple measures assessment program, and presented twice at the White House for both the President’s Domestic Policy Council and the U.S. Department of Education.

He holds a doctorate in Educational Administration with an emphasis in Community College Leadership from the University of Texas at Austin, a master’s in Postsecondary, Adult and Continuing Education from Portland State University, and a bachelor’s degree in English from Brigham Young University. Dr. Peterson’s first roles in community college were as a classified staff member in Portland Community College’s Food Stamp Workforce Program and as an English as a Second Language (ESL) Instructor.